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The sustainable way for profitability improvement


Sustainability, including energy efficiency, resource efficiency and emission minimization is one of the current megatrends. With high energy prices and EU’s new energy efficiency legislation, energy efficiency has become one of the main drivers for our customers’ development activities and investments.

Neste Jacobs has proud history in the field of energy efficiency. We performed our first energy optimization projects already early 80’s and have been among the forerunners in the use of pinch-technology; a systematic methodology to optimize energy consumption of complex industrial processes. Since then, Neste Jacobs has performed hundreds of energy efficiency related projects. The added value which we have created for our customers is measured in billions of euros.

Two and half years ago our energy efficiency expertize was recognized when we started to work to productize our energy efficiency services and solutions. This has been very exciting time. Due to our legacy, customer feedback, competitor analysis and development work with our senior experts we have taken huge leaps forward with our offering portfolio, working effectiveness and work quality.

Currently I am proud to say that we have one of the best energy efficiency solution portfolios in the industry. It covers everything from identification of improvement potential with state-of-the-art energy analysis to energy management consulting, improvement execution and NAPCON solutions.

One of the main development areas has been integration to NAPCON, or rather looking NAPCON solutions through energy efficiency glasses. This has created solutions for energy monitoring, reporting and advising, as well as real time energy optimization with advanced process control.

Energy efficiency is a very relevant subject in Neste Jacob’s design and execution investment projects. International energy management standard ISO 50001 is becoming more and more commonly used in the process industry. Practically this means that energy efficiency has to be taken into consideration in the design and procurement of the investment project. We have done development work for also this matter and are soon ready to introduce ISO 50001 for our company, starting with ISO50001 certification of NJ Abu Dhabi, UAE location.

We are planning to start a technical blog with NAPCON team on LinkedIn Pulse focusing in energy, profitability and safety performance improvements with advanced technologies. There we will introduce case stories, views on industry trends and new technologies and much more. Stay tuned!

Kari Kunnari

Product Manager, Energy Efficiency

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