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Excellence in engineering Blog Singapore office to serve our customers in the SEA region

Singapore office to serve our customers in the SEA region


Starting a company office locally is a challenge, and Singapore operations are no exception to it. Many questions linger around when one take up this task, especially when economy is heading south, oil price is at its lowest level and US elections outcome was unknown.

As a year ago Neste Jacobs made a decision to establish full fledge operations and office in Singapore with a primary goal to support Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and producer of high-quality oil products, and with a long term plan to expand our presence also in the SEA market.

With unconditional support from our management team, ball started to roll, and now we have a team of 10 people with a modern office space and the best talent being part of the global Neste Jacobs team.

How has this been achieved? Dedication, passion and team work with a great cooperation from all and the full autonomy to the stakeholders to execute the plan.

All our employees in Singapore completed their onboarding program in Finland, now execute multiple projects and are fully geared up to the successful completion of Neste Turnaround 2018. Though we have only few common working hours between Singapore and Finland, global systems and processes are working well. This is only possible when a team takes an initiative to be in contact with their reporting manager on a regular basis, stays up-to-date what is going on across all our offices.

This is just a beginning and I am confident that only way forward is to stay positive and create value for our customers in the region. This year we will also convert our operations from branch office to a local entity, continue to hire and build a strong sustainable team and business in this market place.

We look forward to start blooming our business in SEA region in the future.

Alpesh Shah

Regional Manager, Singapore

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