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Let’s break the reality bubbles


In today’s world, despite highly-developed science and vast amounts of information, we as voters, consumers ordecision-makers, are more puzzled than ever.

The world is full of disinformation. It is difficult to know what is true or not true, or whether we receive relevant information at all.

Different interest groups are developing their own “reality bubbles” and parallel realities develop. At worst they paralyze societies and prevent them from optimal development.

This makes me think of decision-making in companies. During my career as a management consultant, I have supported dozens of companies at the moments of their strategic decision-making.

The most successful companies take time to study the decision-making case and factors impacting it. They create a well-analyzed knowledge platform and keep the key persons involved. This facilitates implementation of decisions considerably.

We as consultants step in by analyzing information, listening to various stakeholders in order to consider different points of view, developing various future scenarios, pointing out issues to be clarified and by evaluating profitability, risks and opportunities.

Our work is very much about analyzing information, weighting the credibility and the background of each information source, even considering the reasons behind any research we use as input material. We help our customers in building future visions which base on facts and logical thinking. We support our customers in building on real opportunities but also point our relevant risks.

Nobody shall make strategic decisions impacted by any short-term gains of any individual stakeholder. Good decisions are based on breaking the different reality bubbles, creating a common vision and on involving people. Success is based on grasping the commonly found opportunities and realizing them in a firm and sustainable manner.

Outi Ervasti

Head of Consulting

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