The biggest biorefinery in the world

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The biggest biorefinery in the world

Founded in 1948, Neste produces and sells petroleum products, particularly fuels, lubricants, solvents, LPG and bitumen. It has refineries in four countries, and operates the largest chain of service stations in Finland. The company researches innovative new technologies and develops existing processes. Neste has become a world leader in renewable diesel fuel due to its NEXBTL process technology, which uses waste fat, vegetable oil, and other similar feedstock to make diesel.

Following the success of its refineries in Finland, Neste wanted to build the world’s largest and most advanced facility for high-quality renewable diesel, fully compatible with existing diesel engines. This plant should also produce renewable aviation fuel. Singapore was chosen because it has particularly good access to feedstock like sustainable palm oil from Asia, and waste animal fat from Australia and New Zealand. In addition, as the third-largest centre of oil refining in the world, Singapore already had the necessary refinery infrastructure in place.

Neste Jacobs developed and delivered a FEED package for the production process with a capacity of 800,000 metric tons per year, over four times that of the previous NEXBTL refineries. Since then Neste Jacobs has provided engineering support for smaller modifications, EPCM services for investment projects, training simulation programs and plant information services. This modification work gradually improves capacity and develops a larger feedstock base. At the time it was opened in 2010, the Singapore plant was the largest renewable diesel plant in the world. Now it shares that honour with its sister plant in Rotterdam.

To achieve these results, Neste Jacobs delivered:

  • FEED package
  • Commissioning and start-up support
  • Management consultation and PCM services
  • Owner’s licensing support
  • Training and information services
Key customer benefits
  • Technology co-development of new production process based on simulations and track-record from existing refineries
  • Management of contractors in owners’ team
  • Fully-automated process with training simulators