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With 60 years of experience in working in various process development and plant investment projects in oil refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and biorefining processes worldwide, we are perfectly positioned to help you improve your business with our portfolio of licensed technologies and process technology know-how. We have vast and successful real-life experience with various process technologies in clean and renewable fuels production, world-class polyolefin and phenol technologies and intelligent tall oil processing to name a few. Everything we have on offer has a solid technology background and working references in a real processing environment.

Selected NJx Process Technologies Available for Licensing


The leading dimerization technology for isooctene and isooctane manufacturing.

NExETHERS™ for combined ethers production

The ultimate process for maximizing ether or bioether production in petroleum refineries and petrochemical complexes.


Proven next generation technologies for cracked naphtha upgrading into biofuel or high-octane gasoline blending stock.


The optimum technology for polyalphaolefin oligomerization to top quality synthetic base oil.


The optimum technology for aromatics reduction and olefin saturation.

NExETHERS™ for MTBE or ETBE production

The ultimate process for producing single ether components in petroleum refineries and petrochemical complexes.


The technology of choice for selective hydrogenation of C5 – C7 diolefins originating from fluid catalytic cracking and steam cracking.


The intelligent technology for tall oil fractionation.

Selected Neste Jacobs Process Technology References

Numerous companies base their success on highly competitive novel process technologies licensed from or co-developed with Neste Jacobs. Leading commercial process technology references are working world wide.

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