Oil Refining

Passionate about improving customers’ performance

Our technologies and expertise significantly improve the performance of our customers’ existing or future oil refinery.

Our portfolio covers the entire oil refinery life cycle: from idea generation to studies, basic engineering and EPCM services for grass root as well as existing refineries. Examples of recent assignments include discovering and introducing bio based feedstocks to traditional oil refineries for co-processing.

Our strengths are in demanding front-end studies, distillation technology, energy efficiency, refinery integration, project management and complex turnarounds.

Oil Refinery is a plant where crude oil is refined in useful petroleum products. These can be categorized in light distillates, medium distillates, heavy distillates and residues. Modern Oil Refineries are complex units producing premium quality traffic fuels and other high value added petroleum products.

Neste Jacobs is unique – We have more than 50 years of inside-the-fence experience of innovating, designing, engineering, constructing, starting up, operating, optimizing and maintaining the world’s most competitive hydrocarbon technologies, processes and plants , starting from crude oil distillation trough up to residue hydrocracking.

You can leverage our technology and expertise to significantly improve the performance of your existing plant or future plant.

In all our assignments, ranging from maintenance engineering jobs and turnarounds to full blown EPCM for grass root refineries, we have the same target: On schedule. Below budget. Above expectation.

Neste Jacobs – Preferred solution provider for hydrocarbon industry.



Neste Jacobs has participated in several Hydroprocessing projects in different roles during the last decade. As an example Neste Jacobs was the main contractor (EPCM) in Neste Oil Porvoo Residue Hydrocracker Project. In this project refinery´s primary feed switched to higher sulphur content heavy crude.

  • Increased crude oil residue converted into sulphur free traffic fuels.
  • Project included large revamping and integration of existing units.
  • Based on CLG technology, with improvements by NJ.

Base Oils

Neste Jacobs has since decades been involved in lube base oil projects worldwide. This puts Neste Jacobs in leading position when it comes to executing the technologically demanding project in due time, quality and budget.

Extensive Neste Jacobs know-how on all the steps on Lube Base Oil processes, including solid engineering solutions and specifications for demanding Hydrogen environment in all disciplines.


For more information, please contact Heikki Kujala, heikki.kujala(at)nestejacobs.com, tel. +358 50 458 9665

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