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We have been involved in the natural gas industry since 1974. We have designed and built natural gas networks, LNG import terminals and LNG liquefaction plants as well as biogas plants.

We have the capability to develop concepts and deliver studies as well as design and execute small, mid and large scale projects.

In addition to typical engineering and project services such as Owner’s Team Services, we provide technical diligence services for our customers e.g. in merger and acquisition situations.

The Gas Group has been acting as a main consult providing services for large scale projects from pre-planning phase, basic engineering, detail engineering, construction phase up to commissioning of natural gas systems.

Services provided:

  • Project management and Project control
  • Transmission system dimensioning and flow calculations
  • Land acquisition and permit clarifications
  • EIA proceedings
  • Cost estimation
  • Civil, mechanical, control and telecommunication design
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Construction supervision

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is colorless non-toxic and almost half as light as air. It is produced by drilling deep into the earth – just like oil. Natural Gas is a low-emission fuel with a high rate of efficiency. One cubic meter of natural gas corresponds to one liter of domestic fuel oil in terms of the quantity of heat released during combustion.

The composition of Natural Gas varies slightly depending on it’s area of origin. The Natural Gas imported to Finland from Western Siberia is extremely pure and consistent of quality. It contains 98% of methane and 2% of both ethane and nitrogen as well as very small amounts of propane, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Natural Gas contains virtually no sulphur and no dust or heavy metals at all. The combustion of Natural Gas creates carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitric oxides.

For more information, please contact Jaakko Laine, jaakko.laine(at), tel. +358 50 458 3488.

Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG is natural gas cooled to -162°C where it condenses to a liquid that is transportable in special purpose marine, rail and road carriers. As a liquid with high energy content it can be used outside the normal gas network as a substitute for other energy forms such as coal, diesel or LPG. Today LNG is used as fuel for marine applications and automotive industry, power generation and other industrial usage. In addition LNG can be used as a back-up source for the pipeline gas. LNG is transported from Natural Gas rich areas and distributed as other hydrocarbon products worldwide.

Neste Jacobs has for decades been involved in LNG and other cryogenic gas handling system which puts Neste Jacobs in a unique position when it comes to studies, design and execution of small, mid and large scale industrial LNG and cryogenic gas projects.

For more information, please contact Jarkko Koskela, tel. +358 50 458 9890.


Neste Jacobs competences within biogasification (digestion) of biomasses combined with competence from industrial projects puts Neste Jacobs in a unique position when it comes to execution of larger industrial biogasification projects.

For more information about, please contact Jaakko Laine, jaakko.laine(at), tel. +358 50 458 3488

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