Providing our know-how to customers

Our competence and know-how in all chemical unit operations (from biomass fractionation to purification and polymerization) makes us the best partner in Technology Co-development, building new facilities or improving existing operations.

Our strengths are for example in process modelling, advanced simulation tools and scale-up competence.

Building and operating Chemical Process Industries is very demanding. One has to comply with Health, Safety and Environmental regulations and at the same time achieve the company targets of better image, better performance, high quality and overall economies. Therefore Neste Jacobs has set well-designed and optimized processes in place and we take all the necessary aspects into account in our engineering services.

Neste Jacobs’ engineering services for the Chemical Industry are unit operation oriented and complemented with several special engineering skills and tools. We provide full-service design and solutions for your technological needs and challenges.

We have more than 50 years of experience in innovation, design, engineering, construction, start-up services, operating, optimizing and maintaining technologies, processes and plants. Our experience includes projects ranging from grass root investments to continuous development of existing assets all over the world.

Our technology portfolio includes ARxPINUS tall oil distillation technology.

Our fingerprints can be found in various processes of

  • Base & Fine Chemicals
  • Food & Feed Industry
  • Biochemicals & Biotechnology


  • Extraction, crystallization, filtration, short path evaporation, desolventizing
  • Chromatograpchic processes, crystallization, ion exchange
  • CTO distillation and derivative production
  • Distillation, deodorization, stripping, pastillation
  • Process optimization and energy efficiency

For more information, please contact Katja Salmenkivi, katja.salmenkivi(at), tel. +358 50 458 9605

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