Biofuels and Additives

Practical know-how brought into customers’ investments

We have vast experience in pre-treatment of renewable or waste feedstock and production of renewable fuels and additives.
Feedstock flexibility and logistics, efficient production technology and utilization of side streams are important design factors to ensure optimized operations and a profitable investment.

Our extensive database for renewable feedstock and modern simulation tools enable us to design the technologies and biorefinery processes suitable for your needs.

A biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion and fractionation processes to produce fuels, power, goods and chemicals. The biorefinery concept is analogous to today’s petroleum refineries, which produce multiple fuels and products from oil. By producing multiple products, a bio-refinery can take advantage of the differences in biomass components and constituents, and maximize the value derived from the biomass feedstock.

Neste Jacobs has accumulated vast experience and have a substantial library of several refining and fractionation projects in the field of Biorefining and Life Sciences. The technology of the refining processes involves the capability to model the mass and energy balances, select the main equipment and to rate the thermal and hydraulic performance of the process.

A biorefinery concept could be built on three main initial “platforms” to promote different product slates.

  • The sugar platform is based on biochemical conversion processes and focuses on the fermentation of sugars extracted from biomass, including lignocellulosic material.
  • The SynGas platform is based on thermochemical conversion processes and focuses on the gasification of variable biomass feedstocks.
  • The constituent platform, based on fractionation processes, focuses on the separation of valuable biomass constituents

Renewable Fuel Additives

Neste Jacobs has participated in the fermentation or enzymic treatment of renewable feedstock. The extensive know-how of for example ABE fermentation as well as all downstream process (distillation, drying and feed production) enables our customer an overall picture of how to produce a wide range of renewable fuel additives and chemicals.


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