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Biofuels, Do They Have a Future?


Right now, I’m preparing my presentation for the World Biofuels Market 2014 event in Amsterdam RAI 5th of March. This time I will speak about “Biofuels, do they have a future?”

Al Costa, the CEO of Alkol put words on the problem:
“The steam locomotives are not used anymore. It is not because we are running out of coal, as we still have 300 years’ worth of coal in the planet, it is because they only produce 7% of the actual traction and waste 93% in heat. So we moved to diesel-electric, which gives us 40 % traction for the same amount of energy. The same will happen with an automobile, a truck, a bus and anything else which uses an explosion engine: They will eventually be phased out, regardless of whether we still have oil left or not. Instead they will all be moved by electrical engines.”

Does this mean that biofuels will have no place in the world? In my opinion, NO!

The research going on for biofuels can also be used for other applications in addition to the biofuels. Forchem,a long-term customer of ours, is processing tall oil for upgrading special chemical industry products, for example adhesives and glues. The company was recently bought by Respol, a company from Portugal. The companies see a bright future for these bioproducts.

Waste or side product from making biofuels can also be used as raw material for making plastic materials. With 3D printers making almost anything we can imagine from plastic material, I don’t think it will be long before we are walking around in pants made of corn residues!

If you are interested in knowing more, please visit us at stand number B402 at #wbm14!

Mona Åkerholm

Account Manager, Biorefining

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