Neste Jacobs consists of some 1300 professionals situated in our offices around the world. Neste Jacobs’ profile is highly emphasized on process technology and the educational level of Neste Jacobs’ professionals is high. The resources available in house contain all necessary disciplines required to successfully carry out a project all the way from conceptual phase through the basic and detail engineering to commissioning and start-up of a full scale process facility.

Our engineering competences contain the following engineering disciplines:

  • Plant design, structural, equipment and materials
  • Automation, instrumentation and electrification
  • Process design and technology development services
  • Procurement, project and construction management

Neste Jacobs has experience, skills and programs e.g. for process modeling, thermal engineering and stress calculation enabling a true design of a process plant.

We also serve our clients with NJx technology licenses and various advanced process and automation technologies developed in-house, thoroughly tested and now in daily use by a growing number of customers around the world.

Development of the biorefinery concepts:

Neste Jacobs’ long-term experience in process modelling and advanced computer programs helps the industry to effectively and rigorously compare different capacities and integration concepts for the most viable line-up. A BTL -plant investment being a major strategic decision, thorough front-end engineering is an essential prerequisite.

Advanced process modelling is also a necessity for the development of the processes. It is challenging due to the lacking of property data of the natural substances. Therefore extensive testing of unit operations and unit processes combined with modeling gives the reliable base for the process design. Modeling can be utilized along the way from chemistry to the proven technology, e.g. from creating of the kinetic parameter of reactions, interpreting test results, dimensioning of the thermal and mass transfer units, emission management, till the operational optimization of the plant.


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