Neste Jacobs is unique - We have 60 years of inside-the-fence experience of innovating, designing, engineering, constructing, starting up, operating, optimizing and maintaining the world's most competitive industrial plants.

You can leverage our technology and expertise to significantly improve the performance of your existing or future plant.

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Neste Jacobs offering portfolio fulfills your needs through solution, consulting and services for any stage of your investment project.

Starting from developing new business opportunities continuing with planning and implementing the investment and all the way to operating the facility we offer you a wide range of services throughout the process.

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Neste Jacobs´ vision is to be the preferred solution provider for hydrocarbon and bio-industries with the mission of Excellence in Engineering.

To fulfill our vision and mission we need you! Please join our track of excellence!

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Neste Jacobs to supply project services and detail engineering to Metsä Fibre Bioproduct Mill in Äänekoski, Finland
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Neste Jacobs Annual Report 2014 is published
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Meet us

19.04.2015 08:00 - 21.04.2015 18:00
Neste Jacobs and NAPCON at Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE
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What do you really want?
In this particular case I am talking about what stakeholders want from business. These stakeholders may consist of clients, owners and shareholders,...
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